Since 1999 the firm HARMONIKAS, led by Titlbachovi family, has continued the hundred years old tradition in production of harmonicas, accordions, and sounds in Bohemia with Kebrdle firm at Hořovice, which used to make keyboard and button accordions, and Josef Hlaváček in Louny, manufacturing helicon and diatonic accordions.

In 1946 also the reeds started to be produced in Louny.

At the beginning two technologies of reeds production merged, namely the production technology DIXGERA and that of Italian manufacturers.

In 1984 a brand new enterprise, entirely for the reeds production, was set up. It was equipped with state-of-the-art machinery with new pressing and grinding technologies.

Since 1999 a fundamental change of reeds production concept has taken place denoting the beginning of sound production even for the best accordions and harmonicas. With the new know-how concerning the technologies of precise cutting, profile grinding, electroerosion wire machining, semi-automatic tuning and above all, with the help of the best workers' expertise, the reeds for all accordions and harmonicas are produced. Skilled workers, good technical equipment, as well as the latest technology, are a guarantee of a good quality of the reeds. We offer reeds of various workmanship.

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