Tipo a mano II. class

The reeds are made of Al alloy with hardness 120 HB. The channels are pressed by a precision cutting system. The surface of the reed is ground. The sides of the reeds are grooved to create better wax adhesion to the reed and the headstock. The reeds are made of Swedish steel with a strength of 2000 N/mm² with a tolerance of T3, ground to an accuracy of -20 cents from the basic tone, with a head width at the rivet of 7 – 9 mm, with corrosion protection. The reeds are hand riveted to achieve the ideal position of the reed in the channel with an air gap between the channel wall and the reed on each side of 0.04 mm at the rivet and 0.04 mm at the tip. A characteristic feature of Class II is the termination of the hand riveting in the shape of a three-sided needle. The voice is hand tuned with abrasive cloth so as not to disturb the basic profile of the reed with a tolerance of +/- 5 cents.